About Us

Our mission is to provide a keto cookie that ACTUALLY taste like real home baked cookies like grandma made. We wanted to provide a sugar free option for not only the general population, but with the focus on flattening the curve of the obesity epidemic and provide a classic sweet dessert for those with diabetes.
The amount of sugar consumption in the United States is high, very high. So much that it is a major contributor to a slew of debilitating diseases, such as diabetes. It’s a proven fact that Americans consume way too much, and limiting the amount of sugar to little to none, will greatly improve ones health.
Thus, WANNA?KOOKIE was founded. After all, who doesn’t “wanna kookie?”
Wanna Kookie is a keto-friendly, no added sugar, gluten free and low carb Kookie, with 1-3g net carbs per kookie. We have three flavors, Wanna Chocolate Chip, Wanna Chocoholic and Wanna Chocolate PB. We decided to launch with three of the most popular home baked kookies.
Our kookies have just the right amount of crumble, perfectly balanced with crunch & chewy.
They have a 9-12 month shelf life and make the perfect on the go snack. But who’s waiting a year to eat kookies, lol, just saying. They come eight in box, with nine for the variety box (3 of each) and three in a box for our sampler (1 of each). Our kookies are great post workout snacks as well as help curb appetite. Loaded with all the good fats to help you replenish and give the fuel you need throughout your day.
Don’t let these quarantine times put the pounds on with sugar loaded options, stock up with Wanna Kookie and “quarantine and chill” guilt free😊 Check out our website and FB page for all the 5 star reviews to back up our claim of “best keto kookie” around. Order yours today and “let the Kookie crumble.”😉
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